​Enchanters are masters of the material world, augmenting and altering objects as they see fit. With a wave of the hand, they can curse and uncurse items, supercharge their allies, and severely weaken their opponents. Enchanters are also able to communicate with the supernatural realm, calling forth a friendly magical wisp to aid them on their travels. Many Enchanters choose to specialize in the art of jewelcrafting, as precious gems are particularly conducive to their enchantment magics.

Class AAsEdit

Name Effect
Pet Discipline This ability will allow you to give your pet a 'hold' command until explicitly told to attack. Usage: /pet hold. Pet Hold is now a state that your pet is either in or not. When your pet is in the hold state, your pet will only attack something when you tell it to, and your pet will continue to attack anything on its hate list after that point. Once the encounter is finished, your pet will automatically go back to a held state. If your pet is never told to exclusively attack anything, your pet will never attack anything, even if something is attacking it. This ability also grants the "Greater Pet Hold" command which forces your pet to not add anything to its hatelist unless specifically added by you when greater hold is activated. You can add a target to your pet's hatelist with either attack or qattack.
Mental Clarity This ability increases your natural mana regeneration by 1 point per ability level.
Project Illusion This ability allows you to project your innate talent with illusions upon others. (Activating this ability on a targeted group member causes your next illusion spell to affect that target.)
Mass Group Buff This ability turns the next group buff that you cast into a beneficial area effect spell, hitting everyone within its radius, at the cost of doubling the spell's mana usage.
Spell Casting Subtlety The first three ranks of this ability make NPCs notice your magical activities 5, 10, and 20 percent less. Additional ranks further enhance this effect.
Mystical Attuning This ability increases the number of mystical effects that can affect you at once by 1 per rank.
Suspended Minion This ability grants the summoner the ability to suspend and recall their existing pet at will, provided they remain in their current zone. The first rank suspends the pet at its current health only, while the second rank suspends the pet with all of its beneficial effects as well as its weapons and armor. You may cast a second pet while your first pet is Suspended.


Subclass Quest
Puppetmaster None at present.
Jeweler None at present.


Name Type Target Level
Shallow Breath Damage over Time -> Magic Single 1
Suffocating Sphere Damage over Time -> Magic Single 4
Choke Damage over Time -> Magic Single 11
Enchant Malachite Create Item -> Enchant Gem Self 3
Enchant Amethyst Create Item -> Enchant Gem Self 8
Enchant Turquoise Create Item -> Enchant Gem Self 5
Chaotic Feedback Direct Damage -> Magic Single 7
Gem Smash Direct Damage -> Magic Single 15
Sanity Warp Direct Damage -> Magic Single 16
Whirl til you hurl Direct Damage -> Stun Single 9
Color Flux Direct Damage -> Stun PBAoE 3
Lesser Shielding HP Buffs -> Shielding Self 6
Shielding HP Buffs -> Shielding Self 16
Reclaim Energy Pet -> Misc Single 1
Animate Silk Puppet Pet -> Sum: Animation Self 5
Animate Fur Puppet Pet -> Sum: Animation Self 15
Animate Malachite Sword Pet -> Sum: Animation Self 8
Enchanting Wisp Pet -> Sum: Familiar Self 1
Haze Statistic Buffs -> Armor Class Single 3
Mist Statistic Buffs -> Armor Class Single 10
Cloud Statistic Buffs -> Armor Class Single 17
Intellectial Superiority Statistic Buffs -> Fizzle Rate Single 17
Endure Magic Statistic Buffs -> Resist Buff Single 17
Strengthen Statistic Buffs -> Strength Single 1
Gate Transport -> Misc Self 4
Alliance Utility Beneficial -> Alliance Single 8
Minor Illusion Utility Beneficial -> Illusion: Other Self 1
Illusion: Human Utility Beneficial -> Illusion: Player Self 2
Illusion: Half-Elf Utility Beneficial -> Illusion: Player Self 3
Illusion: Wood Elf Utility Beneficial -> Illusion: Player Self 5
Illusion: Gnome Utility Beneficial -> Illusion: Player Self 8
Invisibility Utility Beneficial -> Invisibility Single 4
Levitate Utility Beneficial -> Levitate Single 15
Bind Affinity Utility Beneficial -> Misc Single 12
Sentinel Utility Beneficial -> Misc Aura 5
Circle of Speed Utility Beneficial -> Movement Group 14
Bind Sight Utility Beneficial -> Vision Single 8
See Invisible Utility Beneficial -> Vision Single 6
Eye of Confusion Utility Detrimental -> Blind Single 5
Soothe Utility Detrimental -> Calm Single 6
Lull Utility Detrimental -> Calm Single 1
Weaken Utility Detrimental -> Disempowering Single 1
Enfeeblement Utility Detrimental -> Disempowering Single 4
Wave of Enfeeblement Utility Detrimental -> Disempowering PBAoE 6
Ebbing Strength Utility Detrimental -> Disempowering Single 9
Disempower Utility Detrimental -> Disempowering Single 16
Taper Enchantment Utility Detrimental -> Dispel Single 1
Cancel Magic Utility Detrimental -> Dispel Single 7
Mesmerize Utility Detrimental -> Enthrall Single 3
Enthrall Utility Detrimental -> Enthrall Single 13
Mezmerization Utility Detrimental -> Enthrall Targetted AoE 16
Fear Utility Detrimental -> Fear Single 3
Memory Blur Utility Detrimental -> Memory Blur Single 10
Tashan Utility Detrimental -> Resist Debuffs Single 2
Root Utility Detrimental -> Root Single 6
Languid Pace Utility Detrimental -> Slow Single 9


Class-related quests, such as subclass quests

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