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Etherealist AAsEdit

Name Effect Cooldown
Arcane Whisper Arcane Whisper reduces hate on a single target slightly over time. Additional ranks further reduce hate on your target. 30 Minutes
Armor of Experience This ability grants you several layers of protection from harm. As you take damage each layer will absorb ten strikes before failing. As your armor fails you will take more and more damage. 20 Hours
Aspect of Zomm This ability gives you an alternate version of your Aspect of Zomm spell. (summons eye of zomm) 6 Seconds
Call of the Hero This ability provides an alternate form of your Call of the Hero spell. Rank 2 reduces the cast time of Call of the Hero by 2 seconds. 15 Seconds
Companion's Relocation This ability moves your companion forward in the direction you are facing. 5 Seconds
Perfected Levitation This ability grants you a perfected ability to Levitate on demand. 12 Seconds
Spell Casting Fury The three ranks of this ability give you a 2, 4, and 7 percent chance to land critical hits with your direct damage spells. Passive
Teleport Currently Unavailable N/A
Translocational Anchor While under the effect of this ability, an NPC will not be able to gate away from you. Additional ranks increase the duration of the effect. 5 Minutes


Name Type Target Level
Etherwalkers Pet -> Sum: Fire Self 20
Summon Ether Shroud Create Item Self 20
Ether Gate: Enochia Transport Group 21
Major Monster Summoning Pet -> Sum: Water Self 22
Rune I Utility: Beneficial -> Rune Single 23
Modulating Rod Create Item Single 24
Summon Phantom Chain Create Item Self 25
Ether Gate: Starlight Beach Transport Group 25


There is currently no subclass quest to become an Etherealist, this will be implemented at a later time. (Current as of 02/09/16)

Subclass ItemEdit

Third Eye Mask

Third Eye Mask (Etherealist)

When you become an Etherealist you will be granted the Third Eye Mask