When hailed, you can go through the following dialogue:

 You say, 'Hail, Gordon'
Gordon whispers, 'Hail yerself, pardner. Didja need somethin', or were you just gawkin at me eye?'
You say, 'I was just gawkin at your eye'
Gordon whispers, 'Old minin' injury. Dangerous job, kid. Pays well, 'specially when yer on contract for Xuolia. Buncha snobs, but they pays well! Too bad m'wife spends it  faster'n I can earn it! Yaheeheehe!'
You say, 'Xuolia'
Gordon whispers, 'Haven'tcha heard of Xuolia? It's our capitol city. What, didja get knocked in the head or sum'n? Whole damn place glows purple with mana. Some say all that radiation can't be good for a body. I'm one'a them people. Try to stay out of there much as I can, but tha wife drags me there every now'n then ta spend more of me money! Heheh!'

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