Classes: NEC(20) Spell ID: 0199
Spell Category: Self Invulnerability
Mana cost: 85 Range: 0 Skill: Abjuration
Cast time: 1.0s AE Range: 0 Resist Type: N/A
Recast Time: 600.0s Recovery Time: 2.5s Resist Adjust: N/A
Duration: 0.3 min Target Type: Self Restrictions: None
Reagents: None Pushback: 0
Spell Type: Self
Effects (from MQ2):
  • Slot 1: Decrease HP when cast by 20
  • Slot 2: Invulnerability

Cast on you: You no longer feel pain.
Cast on another: N/A
Wears off: Your invulnerability fades.

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