The Hedgecrafter is a witch that chose to follow the sun and all that lives under it. The hedgecrafter's abilities include harnessing the sun's power to heal their allies, grow a familiar, and increase their overall healing abilities.

Subclass AAsEdit

Name Effect
Wrath of the Wild Developed by the denizens of Tranquility as a deterrent to potential attackers, this ability will shield you with a single-hit, large damage barrier of thorns. Additional ranks of this ability increase the amount of damage that is inflicted.
Nature's Bounty This ability gives you an innate chance to forage more than one item at a time. Additional ranks increase the chance to forage a second item.
Natural Healing This ability raises your natural regeneration by one point per ability level.
Spirit of the Wood For a brief time, you are able to commune with the woodland spirits who provide your party with exceptional regenerative abilities and a protective shield of armor and thorns. Additional ranks increase the power of this effect.
Celestial Regeneration When activated, Celestial Regeneration heals all group members within range.
Healing Adept This ability increases the maximum effectiveness of your healing spells by 2, 5, and 10 percent.
Healing Gift This ability grants you a chance to score an exceptional heal at 3, 6, and 10 percent. An exceptional heal doubles the healing value of the spell.


Name Type Target Level
Tremor Direct Damage -> Magic Area of Effect 21
Nurtured Spirit Heals -> Duration Heals Single 20
Baby Mantrap Pet -> Sum: Warder Self 20
Ball of Sunlight Pet -> Sum: Familiar Self 24
Sun's Rays ?? Group 22
Thorny Vine Utility Detrimental -> Root Single 21


Class-related quests, such as subclass quests

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