Purgatory is the first zone you will see in Sanctuary. You start off with only your wits, food and little to drink. Here is where you will hone your skills in attempt to escape!


Escaping Purgatory


Normal MobsEdit

A Tortured Asrai

A Sneaking Ratman

An Icy Prowler

A Wayward Familiar

A Sentenced Sorcerer

A Limbo Lofter

A Frosted Recluse

A Damned Soul

A Frosted Watcher

A Misery Mouseman

A Gem Gnasher

An Energy Burst

Named MobsEdit


The Soul Feaster

Amalgamation of Lost Souls

Book of the Dead


Haze of Introspection

Engineer Chatham

Serptious Vindavious

Avens Reogia



Dizian Maltor

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