This is an intro for some people who may be new to the server.

You start out naked, with only some food and water.

Start by killing some Ratmen or Asrais, getting level 2. - Collect everything you can, you'll sell this at a later point.

Depending on your class you may be able to kill the Icy Prowlers at this point. They drop Sharp Fangs, which are decent weapons to start with. Fight through until you get to a blue skeleton, which is in a room off to the side. He is a merchant; you'll want to sell most things you have.

At this point, you should have a few platinum and be able to buy some tradeskill containers. I recommend buying at least a sewing kit and a woodworking kit for melee classes. Casters probably only need the sewing kit. You can craft cloth and leather armor in the sewing kit. Within the woodworking kit, you can make a spear and/or a whip. You can find the recipes for these items under the Woodworking tab at:

You will eventually need to get a smelter, regardless of class. This will be explained later.

When you're sufficiently geared, I recommend skipping some of the NPCs in purgatory and going straight to the spiders. You'll be farming their silk for some time. The armor made from this silk is very good and can be upgraded with Frozen Chromium to make it even better. Frozen Chromium can drop from the Sentenced Sorcerers, or the ice giants.

Once you've gotten fully geared in silk armor you should be able to fight damned souls. They drop Copper Ingots, which I recommend hoarding and not crafting with for the most part. This will be elaborated on later.

When you get to level 8 or 9 I would go to the back of the zone, which is inhabited by energy bursts. They drop Quasar Energy, you'll need to collect 3 of these to leave purgatory. While there, you should collect one of the ground drops that are in the room, combine one of those with a copper ingot in your smelter. You may fail this if your blacksmithing is not leveled up. This will create a Kraitoz Ingot, combine that again by itself in your smelter to create a Kraitoz Gear.

When you reach level 10, find Dizian Maltor who you should have passed on your way to the energy bursts. Follow his dialogue, you'll need to combine a drained energy source with those 3 energy you collected. Hand this in to him, he'll give you another dialogue that he tells you to go make the gear (which you already have). Hand that to him and you'll be ported to New Nexus.

At this point, you should have at least 4-5 stacks of Copper Ingots. You will sell these. Spells cost about 100 plat each. Classes without a gate spell, make sure you hail Dizian Maltor again once you reach the New Nexus - he will give you a gate clicky