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Sanctuary is a fully custom EverQuest Emulator server. If you have any preconceptions of what classes are, you're probably wrong! Each class is unique and can be further split into a subclass starting at level 20. A work-in-progress look at the server information can be found here

PLEASE, FOR YOUR BENEFIT, read the server information. Included is the player-assumed rules, and general code of conduct. I would like to see all players stay as long as possible and not get banned for as long as possible, so please read it!

WARNING: Cheating using MQ2 WILL GET YOU BANNED. The only plugins allowed are mq2itemdisplay and mq2moveutils. Use of any other plugins (including mq2map) WILL get you banned. A copy of MQ2 that is approved for use can be found HERE

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Use these templates to create new pages! Use of source editor is required for these to work properly! I haven't looked into the visual editor very much, and I'm not good enough at making templates to make the visual editor be effective. Instructions are included on each page, and should be hopefully sufficient. Write on Kaacl's message wall here, or /tell Tempten, Ewoida, or Kaacl in-game for assistance in using the templates.

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