Sanctuary is a fully custom Everquest Emulator server, to such an extent that it is an entirely different game that just uses the Everquest engine. This page is a player-created attempt at giving information about the server.

Any class that exists here is almost certainly different from live EQ. For example, Occulist (Takes Shadowknight slot on character creation) is a healer/dps, and is a terrible tank. Some subclasses are focused around tradeskilling, while others are utility, support, dps, tank, or healer. Exp is intended to be somewhat slow, as the max level is 50. Exp drops off drastically at level 25, getting around 1/3rd the exp a level 24 gets from the same mobs.

Player-Guessed Server RulesEdit

Definite Things That will get you bannedEdit

  • Using any huge MQ2 exploits such as: zone, warp, mq2fastcamp, mq2maps

Things that players kind of figure you would get banned forEdit

  • 1) Sending unsolicited tells to zerjz. If you have an issue that needs to be addressed, send a tell to a guide such as Soma, or contact a guide in Discord chat, such as Soma. Zerjz is a developer, not your local help box.
  • 2) Chances of getting banned probably increase to 100% if you send unsolicited tells about suggestions, changes to items, etc. Repeatedly using the #bugs channel in discord for things you think should be different. There isn't a #suggestions channel in discord for a reason See Server Information#Development for details.
  • 3) Being mean-spirited and a generally terrible person to a high degree.
  • 4) Trying to get around the IP limit of 3 characters, and using mq2 to make this possible.

General safe play method is don't be a terrible person, don't cause zerjz unneeded stress/workload, and don't cheat. Do those and you (probably) won't get banned. This is in no way a definitive list of things to not do, but it's a player's best guess at what not to do.


Grouping follows the formula (your level)*1.5=(max level you can group with). Grouping gives a large exp bonus for the first person added, then it gets divided up after that person.


AAs are given on character creation, and when you choose a subclass. So far those are the only known methods of gaining AAs, though some people guess there will be more ways to get AAs eventually.


Subclasses are the focusing of a class onto a more specific area of expertise. Up to level 20, the spells a class gets are a mix of what roles the class can fill. When a character hits level 20, they can choose a specific subclass to become, where certain aspects of the class are expanded upon and strengthened.


Tradeskills are fully custom as well. They involve multiple containers, and can have restrictions based on class or subclass. There are no recipe books or hints at how to make certain items. All recpies on the wiki are from trial and error of combining drops. Overall, recipes aren't overly complex, but can definitely take a long time to discover the more complex recipes.


Development is done by Zerjz, and only Zerjz at the moment. As such, here is a quote from him on the topic of development.

A note on the development processEdit

"It seems necessary to explain the development process behind Sanctuary so that we are all on the same page.

What you are currently playing is a skeleton of a game; an outline. Nothing, from The Frozen Purgatory and beyond, is complete or intended to be presented as a complete product. This means that no class, no subclass, no zone is currently finished. Spells will be changed, even the level 1-10 spells. This is an outline of what will be a game.

The incomplete nature of this game does not mean that there is not a concrete plan for everything. In fact, there are many notebooks filled with the overall plan for this game. Everything that you see currently is there for a reason, whether as a placeholder for something else or just a piece of what it will eventually be. As the sole developer of this game, I an intimately aware of everything that has been created, added, changed, removed, fixed, broken, what have you. There's not a team of people doing things, there is only myself. This means that everything done is done intentionally and with purpose, or else it would not be worth the time it takes to implement. As you play Sanctuary, please keep all of this in mind. You are playing a small part of what will be a grand adventure. There is maybe 10% of development complete at the moment, but once again, this does not mean there is 10% of a plan. There is 100% of a plan on paper and in my mind. If you do not like the way something works, or the way something is, please trust that over time, when priority allows, it will most likely be changed - not because of suggestions from the playerbase, but because the changes made will bring it more in line with the plan.

I would like to gently remind all players that this is not a group project, and you are not Quality Assurance testers. Suggestions are not wanted in the slightest bit, until you are being presented with a finished product. This finished product will likely take several more years to complete. Until then, please continue to report any bugs that you find, but know that your suggestions are superfluous and falling on deaf ears.

Thank you for playing, and I sincerely hope that you all will still be with us when I can present to you the completed version of Sanctuary."

- Zerjz

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