Tamers have wilderness survival in their blood. With their animal companions, a tamer spends all of their free time out in nature. They are exceptionally skilled in hunting, gathering, foraging, fishing, woodworking, and first aid.

Warders Vary by Race. (colors may vary possibly I only changed once each).

Barbarian - White Husky kinda dog (not wolf model)

Dark Elf - Black Unicorn

Dwarf - Skunk

Erudite - Cockatrice

Froglok - Leech

Gnome - White Rabbit

Half Elf - Snake

Halfling - Rat

High Elf - White Unicorn

Human -  White Dog like Barbs

Iksar - Scorpion

Ogre - Elephant!

Troll - Hynid

Vah Shir - Leg spreading tiger (literally they go off sideways).

Wood Elf - Brown Bat.

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