Subclass Reward: Warrior's Guard

Subclass AAsEdit

Name Effect
Planar Durability The planes demand a certain hardiness of those who adventure within. Each rank of this ability adds an additional 1.5% to your maximum hit points.
Delay Death This ability increases how far below zero your hit points can fall before you die by 50 hit points per rank up to rank 30, and 100 hit points for ranks 31 and up. You will still fall unconscious when you reach zero hit points.
Combat Agility This ability increases your melee damage avoidance by 2 percent per rank.
Concentration Each rank in this ability increases your chance to not have item effects interrupted when you take damage.
Area Taunt This ability will allow you to taunt everything in a small radius.
Fear Resistance This ability grants you a resistance bonus to fear type spells of 5, 10, and 25 percent. It also increases the chance of breaking fear earlier.
Ferocity Each rank of this ability grants you an increased chance of performing a double attack in any given combat round.
Ingenuity Years of experimentation have led to the discovery of how to gain additional performance (in the form of critical spell hits) from weapons and other items. Each rank in this ability will increase your critical hit chance with such items.
Rampage This ability will allow you to strike everything in a small radius. Each rank increases the number of strikes upon your enemies.


Warrior Subclass Quest

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