Find Warrior Donga Margiera in Xuolia, City of Mana.

 You say, 'Hail, Warrior Donga Margiera'
Warrior Donga Margiera says, 'I'm a simple man, a rarity among these hoity toity types around here, ya know? I'm straight forward, up front, in your face, know what I mean? I ain't gonna make you wash my laundry or brew me a cup of coffee before I'll talk to ya, see? I bet you like that. I bet you can appreciate that, right?'
You say, 'Right'
Warrior Donga Margiera says, 'That's what I thought. And when I'm right, I'm right. And when I'm wrong, I'm hootin and hollerin all around for a rez! Know what I mean? I bet you do. Anyway, I'm not gonna beat around the bush here. I got some stuff I'm lookin to get rid of. I don't need no money, though. Been all around the world, seen what there is, found some treasures, you got me? I don't need money. No use for it, you hear what I'm saying? But I'm not gonna send you on some crazy cockatrice chase just to prove you're worth your salt. No siree. I just want you to bring me a couple of things, easy things, and I'll unload this extra gear on ya. You feel me?'
You say, 'I feel you'
Warrior Donga Margiera says, 'Those spooks over in Telvaz have got some pretty nifty lamps they carry around sometimes. Cuts through the fog, you understand? The wife's been wantin' one ever since she saw that Summoner running around with one. Get me one of them, you see, and a big ol' bangle from one of those creepy hands over on the Malsyrian grounds. Just the size for my wife to wear as a belt. If you can't tell, I'm tryin to keep myself outta the dog house tonight! Happy wife is a happy life, do you know what I mean? Anyhow, get me those things, and while you're at it, pick me up a flawless piece of marble somewhere. Hell, chip it off a statue if ya gotta. I'll take that down to the jeweler in the shopping district and have 'em make it into something pretty for the wife. Get me the skull of that dastardly Dry Kupakai too. For the wife? Nope! I wanna use it to eat my soup out of. Do you know what I'm saying?'

Find Obake Lantern, Dry Kupakai Skull,Flawless Marble, and Spiked Demon Bangle and return them to Warrior Donga Margiera.

Warrior Donga Margiera whispers, 'If I understand what you're doing here, you just gave me everything I asked for! Wife's gonna be real happy with me tonight, do you know what I mean? Well, a promise is a promise, and I did say that I would give you this old thing I recently upgraded. Guess that makes you a real Warrior now, know what I'm saying?'

You then get disconnected, and the Warrior class AA's are awarded to you, along with Warrior's Guard